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With the manic, uninterrupted progress of time and technology, our planet is rapidly becoming, for all practical reality, no larger than a small town. Naturally included in this universal shrinking is the sub-world of investing. Opportunities for more sophisticated investors to tap foreign markets and, in turn, entirely new investment universes, are greater now than they have ever been previously.

The tremendous advances in technology our world has seen in recent years has helped greatly to throw open the doors to many of the overseas platforms that heretofore were closed to the “do-it-yourself” trader. There are now numerous opportunities and means for these investors to increase their returns through the use of overseas portfolio alternatives. Unfortunately, most individual investors remain on the “outside, looking in” when it comes to these alternatives, as they remain primarily traded by institutions and mutual funds. It does not have to be that way, however; these markets are quite available to everyone, and it is our job at Investor’s Passport to provide information as to the access and strategies required to make the effort truly worthwhile.

The risks associated with global investing have long been one of the principal topics associated with the endeavor, but our view is that the risk of global investing lies chiefly with the risk to your portfolio that arises when you don’t invest outside of your home country. The 21st century investor who wants to enjoy a quality rate of return going forward really has little choice but to assemble a portfolio that penetrates an array of global markets. It is the decision to refrain from doing so that is the source of real risk, in our opinion.

We invite you to consider tagging along with us to see what we have cooking; our efforts are centered around working to bring the best and most useful global investment news and opportunities to those who seek the sort of edge that can make the difference between more subdued portfolio success and that which significantly and positively impacts their standards of living.

Welcome aboard!

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