Global Research


Global Research

We all know that, in investing, you are only as good as your research. One of the reasons we wrote the book, Investors Passport to Hedge Fund Profits, was because we saw a true lack of help and understanding within the realm of the global capital markets. We see the same in the research universe. Too often, investors get nothing more than watered down investment news, and not hard-hitting, actionable investment research. Because of these shortcomings, we created Investors Passport Research Services.

Our premium services provide fundamental and technical research in the global equity, fixed income, currency and real estate markets. The research-intensity is derived from a strong research discipline, like you read about in the book, which tries to capture significant market moving catalysts, shifts and inflexion points in all major markets. We believe that the data-points collected by us provide competitive advantage to our research clients by generating profitable investment ideas.

Our research analysts are industry veterans. They are astute in their fields of expertise, forward-thinking, business savvy and proud of their ability to deliver actionable ideas to our subscribers. Their objective analysis, willingness to take contrarian points of view, professional skepticism and experienced interpretation of fundamental and technical evidence commands the respect of some of the world’s leading institutional portfolio managers.

Our research team understands that the prime directive is to help clients make money. We’re not in the business of providing our subscribers with “news” that any investor could find on the internet. Listening and understanding to our research clients’ unique needs has led to a reliable practice of offering timely, concise and actionable recommendations. The research is tailored to meet multiple time horizons, addressing both short- and long-term investing needs. Underlying all of this is a fine-tuned tone of predictable consistency and responsiveness upon which clients depend.

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