Investor's Passport

About the Author

Sean D. Casterline CFA, MBA

Sean Casterline is a wealth manager and alternative investment advisor based out of Orlando, FL. Mr. Casterline began his career in the investment advisory space as an asset manager. During his time worked his way Senior Portfolio Manager with an SEC registered advisory firm. In 1998, he left for an opportunity to get on the air and co-host a syndicated investment related radio show, all the while continuing to oversee management of over $200M. The show was broadcast in 85 cities nationwide for four hours a day and was heard in such cities as New York, San Francisco and Dallas. Mr. Casterline also appeared regularly as an investment expert on the NBC affiliate in Tampa and the FOX affiliate in Orlando. He has also been published in several trade magazines/websites and co-wrote Investors Passport to Hedge Fund Profits.

In the early- to -mid 2000’s, Mr. Casterline became motivated to write a book on international investing as he could see the writing on the wall; overseas economies, particularly the emerging markets, were going to outgrow the battleship that was and is the US economy. It’s very hard to move a battleship, but not a growing or emerging economy. In 2009, Wiley agreed, and Mr. Casterline went on a journey to enlighten investors on the potential for countries outside the United States as well as how to view and analyze them. The book remains pertinent today and has been sold in many countries around the world, including China.

Mr. Casterline met his wife Amy in 1992 and the couple has been married for twenty-five years. After graduating from the University of Florida, Mrs. Casterline spent eight years as a field sales representative – most recently as a District Sales Manager in the legal publishing industry. In 2001 Mrs. Casterline chose to give up her career when the couple decided to become full time foster parents. Eventually, they adopted two wonderful boys, Jonathan who is twenty-two years old and his younger brother Beau who is twenty-one. Sean and Amy grew up in Seminole county where their family now resides only a few miles from their childhood homes.